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With Juno in the twelfth house marriage could feel like a bit of a non-entity! Suffering and sacrifice could be involved, helping and supporting the partner, or perhaps the native could play the part of the victim in marriage. Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder.

She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars. Her Sagittarius moon lights up with talk of travel, while her Mercury in Taurus waxes lyrical over cosmic cosmetics.

Courage in love

Royal Wedding Fever! Astrology for the aesthetically inclined.

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Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs. Her symbols are the Peacock and Cow. Where is Juno in your chart? Juno In The Third House For the person with Juno is the third house, marriage will come with a focus on communication. Juno In The Fourth House The person with Juno in the fourth will be attracted to a marriage partner who is domesticated and attached to the home environment, one who loves to nurture, cook and nest.

Juno In The Fifth House Those with Juno in the fifth will want a partner with whom they can play, be romantic and get excited with. Juno In The Sixth House The person with Juno in the sixth might have their most important relationships in work or through the workplace — or they could be married to their work! They will be the cornerstone of life. Juno In The Eighth House For those with Juno in the eight, sex is likely to be important part of partnership, trust and power too. Juno In The Ninth House The person with Juno in the ninth might wed a foreigner, someone born far away or with a different background, or they might have a wedding abroad!

Alternatively, the person could be wedded to their work! Juno In The Eleventh House The person with Juno in the eleventh house could marry a friend or have a strong sense of friendship develop after marriage. The marriage and commitment asteroid sits in a bit of a blind spot. Where does your Juno appear in your birth chart? Kimberly Peta Dewhirst.

A relationship that is competitive and inspiring where you challenge each other on many levels and feel an intense passion between you. A strong physical bond. You tend to be attracted to people who are conservative and practical. You like the steadiness of their presence and you like to know that you can rely on them and their responsibility.

You like people who are good with money and who are not materialistic. You are looking for someone with deep morals and who perseveres to get their results, but who is also modest in their achievement. A relationship that is constant and practical. Where you both understand where you stand with the other and do not push it further. Where you are conservative in your displays of affection but none the less, know that they are there.

You tend to be attracted to people who are social and playful. You find yourself curious about the way they think - so logically, but in a way that even they find hard to explain. A relationship that is spontaneous and intuitive where neither of you know exactly what will happen next and are constantly on your toes waiting. Where the fun rarely dies and when it does it is to expose each other deeply and understand who the other is despite their occasional charade.

A deep emotional and physical bond. You tend to be attracted to people who are nurturing and emotional. You like the way they care about you deeply because it gives you a sense of security and you feel pride in the way they always put others before themselves. You love listening to their creative ideas and the way that they are so humble with their greatness. You are looking for someone who is sweet and sensitive and who cares deeply about you. A relationship that is sensitive and caring.

Where you both care for each other beyond words and put the other first. A relationship where you both not only care for each other, but the people around you. A deep emotional bond. You tend to be attracted to people who are confident in themselves and dedicated to something.

You love the passion they feel for things they do and the way they try their absolute best to get the results they know they deserve. You are looking for someone who is sure of themselves. A relationship that is confident and fiery where you both know where you stand with the other and where you challenge each other physically and mentally. Where you can trust each other and know that there is always stability.

A deep physical and emotional bond. You tend to be attracted to people who are organised and cautious. You like the safe feeling of the relationship and the way they can adapt to situations to find a solution.

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You want someone who is hardworking and persevering but who is also sensitive and caring when they need to be. You are looking for someone who works hard and keeps organised. A relationship that is slow and organised where you both understand where you are at and where you take things slowly and cautiously.

Where you struggle to completely trust each other and both understand that. You tend to be attracted to people who are social and balanced.

Who Your Soulmate Will Be, According To Your Juno Sign

You want someone who not only enjoys the company of large groups but who also relishes in their time spent alone or with few people. You love the way they want harmony and peace and the way they randomly come up with ideas that at first seem crazy but you soon find to be a great experience. A relationship that is social and adventurous where you can have a balance between meeting new people and discovering each other. Where you are open with each other and do not feel jealous.

You tend to be attracted to people who are mysterious and deep.

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You love the challenge that there is so much to them that you will probably never uncover and you are okay with that. You relish in the moments when they let themselves talk to you - really talk to you - and you also want someone who is very physical. A relationship that is always growing and becoming stronger as you discover each other. Where you can be your own person. You have a very deep emotional bond and a fiery physical bond.

How To Have A Happy Marriage—Juno Tells All

You tend to be attracted to people who are bold and adventurous. You are looking for someone who will instill you with constant wonder. A relationship that is strong and adventurous where you both inspire each other to take risks and work together to discover your own adventures. Where you both understand each other and the way you perceive the world and work together.